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I have designed a career that combines my long term interest in global emerging markets with my enthusiasm for adventure, fascination with science and passion for people. I love developing dynamic digital solutions, strategy and systems to market, manage and monitor relevant social dialogue and drive engagement with new media. I am currently focused on the advancement of entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations by providing access to top tips and tools in this exciting era of rapidly evolving cutting-edge digital technology.

Project Portfolio

Reaction Power is a powerful platform designed to help brands leverage new media effectively and inexpensively. Reaction Power is an easy setup, turn-key solution that enables businesses, individuals and organizations to attract and engage quality customers with strategy, design and cutting-edge technology that encourages action and interaction You can view Portfolio and Testimonials.

Twittrafficpro.com, the precursor to Reaction Power, was featured as AlwaysOn Top 100 Tech Tool in 2010. AlwaysOn is the leading business media brand networking the Global Silicon Valley. AlwaysOn helped ignite the social media revolution and became the first media brand to socially network its online readers and event attendees. This premier source for the analysis and prediction of top trends features top companies in digital media. Just a few of the dozens of break-out companies AlwaysOn featured before they made it big include: Google, Salesforce.com, Skype, MySQL, YouTube, Tesla, and Twitter.

Vfirefly.com, was developed as a crowdsourcing platform focused on the advancement of women entrepreneurs, executives and professionals across the globe. The goal is to engender confident leaders by providing relevant content from women around the world. The vision is to help working women expand their possibilities through exposure, information and leadership training using the web and mobile technology. The primary purpose is to create a credible community around their professional and personal passions and pain points.

Dogo.me was designed to offer bloggers, businesses, experts, writers and professionals an opportunity to syndicate content. The site features news stories for the next generation providing publicity for Alist professionals with links out to their customized content. Users get an affordable, robust highly-interactive Web site accessible online or via mobile and the ability to integrate online communities on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.            

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UCLA Anderson School of Management

Ohio Wesleyan University

Special Skills

Computer skills: Proficiency in windows, Microsoft office, Linux, CaChe, MS Frontpage,  Dreamweaver, HTML Web designing, Joomla and Wordpress CMS. Conversant with Drupal, php, MySQL, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Java, C++

Language: Conversational and written skills in English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu

Laboratory: Experience micropipetting. Extensive use of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectroscopy , UV-Vis Spectrometry , Gas Chromatography, FTIR Spectrometery,  Rotovap and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).


Academic Course work

Chemistry (with honors lab),  Writing Seminar, Logic, Economic Systems, Cell Biology (honors), Ethnobotany (honors),  Marketing and Management,  Nonfiction Writing Workshop, Books that Changed Lives (honors), Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Advanced Topics in Organic  and inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Study in Analytical methods, Physical Chemistry.



Edison College                                   Cumulative GPA: 4.0

Relevant Course Work

Computer Applications

Javascript (web designing)    

leadership Experience:

Senior Class President, 2005

(Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs)                                      

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH

· Elected by landslide majority of class (66%)

· Served as Representative on Student Government, the most powerful campus organization because all were represented.

· Served as liaison between Seniors, and the Student Council, Administration, Alumni and Board of Trustees

· Appointed 12 dynamic student leaders on campus to Senior Class Advisory Council to enable effective and efficient response to needs of various facets of senior class

· Initiated development of  brand new, dynamic and interactive Senior Class Website designed to cater to  needs of  senior class and actively worked to ensure that even upon completion,website was continually improved and updated to keep up with changing needs of senior class

· Planned, coordinated and executed monthly senior class events and fun activities to build senior class spirit, in collaboration with Senior Class Advisory Council

· Continuously assessed senior class needs and developed new ideas and angles to obtain feedback such that, in spite of  typical college student's hectic schedule and diverse interests , everyone could find engaging activity

· Created first comprehensive online events calender on the Ohio Wesleyan college campus

· Raised unprecedented $47 670 towards Senior Class Fund in less than a year

Senior Orientation Leader for

Diversity and Multicultural Events            

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH, Fall, 2004

· Planned and executed very successful Unity Day to bring various cultural groups and cliques on campus together, and create cross-organizational awareness for formation of potentially mutual beneficial networks

· Persuaded orientation leaders to respect diversity in their groups and encourage freshmen to attend multicultural events during semester

Orientation Leader

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH, Fall, 2003

· Directly responsible for orientation of 12 incoming freshmen

· Facilitated small group meetings where Freshmen could meet new potential friends

· Developed activities to break ice and make freshmen comfortable among others and each other

· Answered specific questions freshmen had about campus life and provided briefings on facets of college life

· Conducted campus tours to acclimatize freshmen with brand new environment

· Imparted information from administration regarding check in, class registration, and compulsory events to  incoming freshmen and served as check to ensure instructions were understood and followed

· Motivated orientation group to attend planned events during Bishop Week and beyond

· Availed myself to assist freshmen if they had any needs throughout Fall and Spring semesters

Vice President                       

Rafiki wa Afrika, Ohio Wesleyan, 2002

· Assist club president with event coordination & organization

· Design, develop and upgrade the Rafiki wa Afrika website

· Develop ideas to keep Rafiki wa Afrika active and dynamic on Ohio Wesleyan Campus

· Welcome incoming international students and assist them fit into new campus environment

· Liaison with International student advisor to ensure our plans are effectively communicated to campus administration and authorities 

· Initiated and facilitated open group discussion between estranged African and African American students on campus

Residential Assistant              

Olney Friends School,  Barnesville, OH, 2000  

· Supervised activities of 20 teenage girls

· Counseled and guided on issues such as drugs, teen pregnancies and day to day living

· Reported serious misconduct to higher school authority

National Reference Person for Kenya, 1996

Young & Powerful International Conference, London, UK

· Elected to represent Kenya at a global youth conference

· Discussed issues concerning youth globally and formulated ideas for brighter future     

· Met with youth from various countries interested in world development and peace and justice issues and collectively developed possible solutions to problems youth faced

· Brainstormed on various perspectives from first hand experiences of  youth present from around the globe 

Research experience:

Summer Research Assistant

Chemistry Department,

Ohio Wesleyan University, Summer, 2003

· Tested experiments to be carried out in Organic, Analytical and General Chemistry

· Assisted professor evaluate effectiveness of lab in helping students understand concepts

· Mastered use of gas chromatography, rotovap and FTIR spectrometer and gained strong understanding of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), mass spectroscopy

· Acquired the ability to obtain a high level of accuracy by carrying out repeated measurements, which required patience and persistence

· Recorded experimental  procedure and results carefully to ensure experiments could be repeated by professor and students


Pharmaceutical Sales Representative,

Eli Lilly and Company, 2006 - Present

  1. Consistently achieved Top 5% Sales performance

  2. Exceeded Viagra market share with Urology Specialty

  3. Led team in pioneering pilot project combining social media & mentoring to increase representatives’ productivity

  4. Develop & execute strategic business plans to promote diabetes care products to healthcare professionals, coordinating with partners to achieve steady sales growth

Insulin Pump Specialist,

Medtronic MiniMed, Northridge CA, 2005

  1. Acted as liaison with field-sales representatives, patients, doctors, and insurance companies to increase unit sales, maintain assigned territory customer base and develop interest in MMM Diabetes products.

  2. Primary inside customer contact - guide patients through the process of obtaining Insulin Pumps, capture, record, maintain and update customer activities, and overcome objections in the selling process

  3. Built and managed relationships with health care providers

Technological Assistant

Black world studies Department,

Ohio Wesleyan University, 2001 - 2004

  1. Developed technological study  materials like videos, documentaries and compact discs (CDs), visual aids for students learning foreign language and about foreign cultures. Documentaries have been used by Global Partners, an non-profit organization concerned with generation of awareness of different cultures

  2. Designed, built and upgraded study materials as instructed by supervisor, depending on purpose/function

Transitional Housing Coordinator

Andrew's House, Delaware OH, 2002 - 2005

(Community based Transitional Housing Program for the Homeless and Temporarily Displaced)

  1. Provide voluntary assistance to residents in Transitional Housing Program and patrons of House

  2. Received extensive training to assist resident families in stressful transition to get their lives back together. Training included education in dealing with psychological issues and suicide contemplation, and communication with residents

  3. Network with partner churches to ensure the material needs of the transitional housing residents, such as food, gas money, clothing e.t.c. are met.

Summer Conferences Facilities Manager

Ohio Wesleyan University,  Summer, 2004

  1. Created & managed data base for incoming summer groups

  2. Met regularly with group leaders to ensure the facilities were satisfactory

  3. Relayed their requests to the offices, and individuals that would ensure they were met

  4. Attended and participated in weekly staff meetings

Academic Tutor

Upward Bound, Columbus Initiative, 2001

  1. Tutored High school students in Math, English, Biology and Chemistry

  2. Assessed the students present level in the subject and assisted them accordingly

  3. Developed patience in explaining concepts they found relatively difficult to grasp

  4. Mentored and coached students in inner city Columbus schools over the course of three months

  5. Learned to communicate effectively with student to make efficient use of the limited tutoring time

  6. Developed ways to help student transfer learning skills obtained to classrooms where individual attention was not guaranteed

Phonathon Caller

Ohio Wesleyan University, 2001

  1. · Persuaded alumni to donate over $1000 to annual fund

leadership rOLES high school

Chair Person Theatre Club

Limuru Girls School, Kenya, 1998

· Delegated duties of executive committee drama club, won 4 consecutive National championships.

· Mediated when conflict arose among both members of executive committee and club members.

· Coordinated activities of executive committee to ensure organization was run effectively.

· Reported obstacles committee was unable to deal with to Club patron for assistance

Senior House Captain

Nile House,Limuru Girls School, Kenya, 1998

· Supervised 120 girls, and coordinated House activities, clean up duties and inter-house competitions

· Assigned and ensured effective execution of dorm duties

· Served as mediator between students when conflict arose

· Communicated instructions from administration to students

· Presented grievances of student body to administration


Junior House Captain                                               

Nile House,Limuru Girls School, Kenya, 1997

· Assisted senior house captain coordinate, supervise and assist 120 girls ( Nile House).

· Ensured the clean up duties the House captain assigned were carried out satisfactorily

· Coordinated preparation for major inter-house competitions like swimming, track, music and theater


Journalism Club,Limuru Girls, 1997

· Projected annual budget for club

· Allocated funds where required

Class Captain                                                           

Limuru Girls School, Freshman Class, 1996

· Compiled, organized and managed data on over 250 students with assistance of 3 other class captains

· Collaborated with 3 other house captains to ensure students carried out assigned duties

· Assisted senior school captains ensure school rules and regulations were followed

· Monitored class during specified study hours to ensure silence was maintained

· Reported class grievances to senior captains, teachers and school principal

· Relayed instructions from administration and senior school captains to students

· Attended and participated in biweekly meetings of school captains


Serare School, Nairobi, Kenya, 1995

· Supervised running of student government board

· Assisted over 200 students with problems like stolen property, conflicting roommates and bullying.

· Bridged gap between administration and students by reporting student problems and communicating staff orders.

· Commended for successfully juggling the demanding responsibilities of Headgirl and maintaining strong academic record 


OTHER activities & awards:

Publicity and Props Committee, 2002

Economic Cultural Humanitarian Organization (ECHO)

· Upkeep of ECHO website

· Publicize programs put up by ECHO such as "Crop Walk" and the "Hunger Banquet" and ensure there are props like technical equipment and visuals during club events

Dancer/Participant, 2001

Orchesis  (an Ohio Wesleyan music and dance ensemble)

· Performed in 2 pieces at  grand and coveted annual dance ensemble at Ohio Wesleyan

Dennis Webb Scholar, 2000                                                 

Community for Reconciliation, Birmingham, UK

· Learned about various global conflicts and their causes

· Assisted at Community for Reconciliation, activate in  mediation of global conflict including Hutsi - Tutsi Rwandan discord, Kosovo civil war and Irish Protestant- Catholic Conflict.

· Developed tact and diplomacy in dealing with various parties in environment that was laden with tension

Delegate, 2001

United Methodist Women SOM Conference

Ohio Northern University, Lima, OH

· Presented perspective from developing world (Kenya) at meetings

· Participated in various small group discussion on plight of developing countries

· Developed understanding of possible solutions from Christian Perspective

Delegate, 2000

National World Development Conference, Swanick UK

· Spoke as Kenyan Delegate on predicament of third world  nations

· Participated in discussions on possible solutions for  poverty eradication

· Learned about Jubilee 2000, Christian Campaign to Eliminate debt from poorest Third world nations

Speaker, 1998

International Multicultural and Global Issues Conference, Alberta Canada                                                             

· Elected to represent Kenya as youngest delegate present at  World Conference

· Wrote and presented paper on teenager's experience in Kenya

Features Editor, Jetz, 1998

Official School Magazine, Limuru Girls

· Compiled and edited articles on current affairs for school magazine, and ensured information was accurately reported and communicated to the school         


Play Producer, 1997

The Gap of Deception, Limuru Girls Nile House Play

· Wrote and Directed  Limuru Girls 1997 "Play of the Year"


• Recipient of Golden Bishop Meek Award "Most Outstanding Student Leader,"  Ohio Wesleyan 2005

• Olive E. Day Award for Significant Contribution to Minority Student Life, Vision, Initiative and Leadership

• Estephen McNell Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

• "Most Outstanding First Year Student" Nominee, Ohio Wesleyan 2001

• Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Tau Honor Societies

• Dennis Webb Scholar

Community for Reconciliation

Birmingham, UK  


  1. "West Area Rookie of the Year" Nominee, Lilly 2007


  1. AlwaysOn Top 100 - Portfolio product featured by premier authority in digital technology in recognition of value, innovation, commercialization, market opportunity, media buzz, and return to stakeholders

Business Innovation

Global Emerging Markets

Strategic & tactical planning

services for the digital, social and mobile markets, social media and digital marketing strategy, mobile  emerging technologies, social and mobile applications, digital technology utilization, product sales and social media marketing

“Wandia thinks outside the box. She opened my eyes to Social media functionality I had no clue about. She inspired me and pushed me to complete what I had not been able to accomplish before. And she always challenges herself, and the team, to do more. Her leadership has taken our business to a whole new level!”

David Kathman, Programmer, Pink Mobiliti

“As the founder of Heroes Against Diabetes In Africa, I work with Wandia who is a board member in our organization. She is the most resourcesful person I have ever met. She gives of her time and resources. She is passionate, driven and works tirelessly on what she starts. She is full of great ideas that she puts to action. Wandia is truly a positive energy to be around.” Wambui Githire, Founder, Director, Heroes Against Diabetes In Africa