Read to me riddles, read to me rhymes,

Read to me stories of magical times
Read to me tales of castles and kings
Read to me stories of fabulous things
Tell me of pirates, knights and counts
Teach me of gory modern day touts.

Tell me of travel, and life’s little twirl.

Open my eyes to a whole new world.

For hundreds of years African writers have written of their lives, experiences, culture, and history. They have written in diverse forms, styles and  in many languages; This sections is a celebration of  that extraordinary Afro originality, and flair, a response to the sentiments of my African soul.

Black Firsts Jessie Carney Smith

Beautiful Black Hair Shamboosie

The Good Stuff Michelle Stimpson

Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much: Relationship Advice from Man’s Perspective Finesse Mitchell

The Get ‘Em Girl’s Guide to the Power of Cuisine: the hip hardworking woman’s kitchen guide  Davis

In Search of Our Roots: How 19 extraordinary African Americans reclaimed their past Henry Louis Gates

My Best Friend & My Man Cydney Rax

Dear G Spot Zane

Magnolia without Moonlight

Stand and Deliver Yvonne Bynoe

From Rage to Reason: Fredrick Douglas

Whose Gonna Take the Weight  Powell

Innocents Lost: When Child Soldiers go to War  Jimmie Briggs


Raves & Faves for My Afro Soul